About Us

The ARI team is made up of subject matter experts who are inspired to share their knowledge and passion for dramatically improving decision science. 

Our Purpose

Who We Are

Our vision is to empower analysts, and the decision-makers they support, to ensure the best possible use of every dollar and every ounce of energy spent on what matters most to us. Advancing technology and the increasing collection of data has created a vacuum of information, and we need a modern approach to make the best use of it.

ARI staff is comprised of experts in the industry, who come from a diverse background of knowledge and expertise. Our subject matter experts focus on solution based approaches and are powered by curiosity and a drive to innovate. With decades of experience among our researchers and instructors, and a strong background in AI and Machine Learning we know what works and how to apply it to a diverse portfolio of analytics projects. 

The world is just beginning to embrace data-driven decision making. In the United States, the Evidence Act has determined that the government must establish processes for the federal government to modernize its data management practices, evidence-building functions, and statistical efficiency to inform policy decisions. We hope to work alongside leaders to ensure their success in this venture.

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