ARI Framework & Toolkit

The ARI Framework

The ARI Framework was created by leaders in the industry to address the strategic approach to portfolio analysis. By using this tool to distill your research to it’s core inputs, outputs, and outcomes – you and your team can approach your analysis in a more streamlined and organized fashion.

The ARI Framework:

  • Helps to focus on research in a transparent way, aligning with standards.
  • Can be used by all individuals in all roles that approach portfolio analysis.
  • Creates a logical flow from money to impact.
  • Identifies elements of productivity and influence for future inquiry.

The ARI Toolkit

The ARI Toolkit builds on the concept of the ARI Framework while simultaneously overlaying core concepts of project management over the research and analytical process. The ARI Toolkit is a unique set of templates and checklists created to assist you throughout your research analysis to ensure you are making comprehensive and efficient decisions.

The ARI Toolkit Includes:

  • A Project Plan Template
  • Metrics and Framing Worksheets
  • Data Provenance & Data Quality Worksheets
  • External/Red Team Checklists
  • Deliverables Template
  • Tools & Teams Guide