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Research Portfolio Analysis Workshops

Research Portfolio Analysis: Framework & Design

Research Portfolio Analysis is concerned with defining a portfolio of research and understanding its products, influence, and impact. The ARI Framework is an analytical tool developed to help you structure a research portfolio analysis and frame the use of computer-assisted techniques for analyzing the content, networks, publications, and other elements of the portfolio you define.


This training will introduce you to the ARI Framework for Research Portfolio Analysis and provide an overview of the computer-assisted techniques you can employ to answer questions such as: Who is working on this research topic? Which researchers are collaborating on this research topic? How many publications, patents, or guidelines are coming out of this research? How many citations is this research producing?
Research Portfolio Analysis: Project Management
Research Portfolio Analysis: Project Management is focused on determining the criteria to ensure decisions about your grant program best impact your mission and identifying and analyzing the evidence important for making those decisions. By contrast, this training is designed to help you manage a research portfolio analysis project using the tools and processes that will best help you execute a research portfolio analysis. 
We will introduce you to the ARI Toolkit for Data Project Management. In order to support effective data project management, this toolkit includes a series of templates that will guide you through the principles and processes which result in an efficient and high quality project.

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