Analytics Research Institute

Providing education and thought leadership in the area of AI and Research Portfolio Analysis through R&D, training, and a community of practice.


The ARI curriculum leads you on a path through relevant topics and methods that are used in federal agencies and the private sector.


The ARI focuses on the development of cutting edge AI and machine learning tool for professionals in the analytics field.


Core to The ARI’s mission is sharing the knowledge and expertise of leaders in the industry to advance analytical science.

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Why ARI?

Subject Matter Experts

Instructors and course designers have extensive education, training and expertise in the subjects we teach.

Real Life Experience and Mentorship

ARI training is practical and easily applied to real-world situations. Allow the ARI experts to help you take the next step in your career.

Advanced Research and Development

The ARI hosts subject matter experts from across the industry and is dedicated to providing professionals cutting edge tools.

Cutting Edge Instruction

Develop your skills and knowledge from the basic level through advanced courses.